Грамматический тест по английскому языку с ответами

1. There are a lot of red and yellow ___ on the trees
a) leave
б) leafs
в) leaves +

2. Do you have ___ interesting coins?
a) any+
б) some
в) much

3. They don’t have ___ rare stamps.
a) some
б) the
в) any +

4. Could you answer ___ questions?
a) any
б) a
в) some +

5. How ___ money have you got with you?
a) much+
б) many
в) often

6. How ___ sheep do you see in the picture?
a) much
б) many+
в) old

7. Mary has got ___ nice dresses.
a) many
б) a lot of+
в) much

8. There _____ many students in the room now.
а) were
б) was
в) is
г) are+
д) will

9. There _____ a university in the centre of the city.
а) is+
б) are
в) be
г) shall
д) were

10. I can’t see _____ on my table.
а) nothing
б) nobody
в) anything+
г) anywhere
д) somewhere

11. There ___ a table, a chair and a sofa in the room.
a) were
б) are
в) is +

12. There ___ a lot of plates on the table.
a) is
б) are+
в) was

13. Pass me ___ salt, please.
a) any
б) some+
в) many

14. Sarah is ________ excellent teacher!
а) a
б) an+

15. That’s ________ very funny joke.
а) a +
б) an

16. She is _____ really good cook.
а) a +
б) an

17. What _____ you going to do tonight?
а) was
б) will
в) were
г) is
д) are+

18. There _____ any sugar in the tea.
а) weren’t
б) wasn’t+
в) haven’t
г) hadn’t
д) won’t

19. What _____ do you want to read?
а) another
б) yet
в) other
г) still
д) else+

20. Which is the _____ river in our country?
а) long
б) longer
в) longest+
г) large
д) larger

21. I spoke to her for ________ long time yesterday.
а) a +
б) an

22. She was wearing ________ old dress.
а) a
б) an+

23. _____it was really hot outside, I wore shorts.
a) Although
б) Since +
в) Unless

24. He has always done well on exams. This time, _______ , he failed.
a) however +
б) accordingly
в) moreover

25. He said that he _____ at the plant last year.
а) are having
б) living
в) lives
г) had lived+
д) lived

26. Let _____ tell his friends about his city.
а) his
б) him+
в) he
г) her
д) she

27. My friend _____ breakfast when I called him.
а) were having
б) will having
в) are having
г) was having+
д) is having

28. I won’t be able to borrow any more money _______ I pay off some of my previous debts.
a) but
б) until +
в) although

29. _____he wasn’t a good player, he had a great game.
a) Since
б) Because
в) Although+

30. The little girl slept _____ her father played the guitar.
a) while +
б) therefore
в) until

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