Тест с ответами на тему: «Past Simple»

1. My dad ___ when he was little.
a) didn’t smoked
б) not smoked
в) didn’t smoke+

2. He never ___ long distances when he was a child.
a) runned
б) ran+
в) didn’t run

3. We ______an interesting documentary film about wild animals last week.
a) watch
б) watched+
в) were

4. Last year they ______ a lot of toys for kids.
a) buy
б) buyed
в) bought+

5. We ___ to sell our old house and buy a new one.
a) did decide
б) did decided
в) decided+

6. I ___ when I was getting off the bus.
a) slipped+
б) sliped
в) did slip

7. How much time ___ in Italy last month?
a) did you spend+
б) did you spent
в) did you spended

8. John was so thirsty that he ___ two glasses of water.
a) drink
б) drank+
в) drinked

9. It was hot, so I ___ the window.
a) did open
б) open
в) opened+

10. I _____ to _____ medicine and food.
a) have_____buyed
б) had_____bought
в) had_____buy+
d) haved_____buyed

11. ___ any museums when you were in England?
a) Visited you
б) Did you visited
в) Did you visit+

12. Viola was sleeping when somebody ___ on the door.
a) did knock
б) knocked+
в) did knocked

13. My sister was very tired, so she ___ to bed early last night.
a) went+
б) go
в) did go

14. I also _____ dinner and _____ about the house.
a) cook_____helped
б) cooked_____helped+
в) cook_____held
d) cooked_____help

15. One day my mother asked me: » _____ the flowers in the garden yesterday?»
a) Did you water+
б) You watered
в) Did you watered
d) You did water

16. I with my class-mates _____ a new school uniform last year.
a) wear
б) wore+
в) wored

17. When ___ you go to your friends in Moscow last time?
a) do
б) did+
в) was

18. Every day I help my Mom about the house, but last week I was very busy with my exam. So I _____ her much.
a) didn’t helped
б) not helped
в) didn’t help+

19. Tom isn’t playing tennis tomorrow afternoon, he _____ tennis yesterday.
a) didn’t play+
б) doesn’t play
в) didn’t played

20. Two years ago I _____ my old aunt in a small old town.
a) visit
б) visited+
в) visitted
d) didn’t visited

21. It _____ a long visit as my aunt _____ well.
a) was_____didn’t feel+
б) was_____didn’t fall
в) was_____wasn’t feel
d) did_____didn’t felt

22. We generally have lunch at 12.30, but yesterday we _____ lunch later.
a) has
б) have
в) had+

23. I _____ to the market myself last time, but now I don’t remember how to get there.
a) got+
б) goted
в) getted

24. Looking through the paper, the teacher _____ several mistakes.
a) found+
б) finded
в) founded

25. _____ her mother go out yesterday?
a) Did+
б) Was
в) Were

26. My sister _____ a lot of stories about different tigers all over the world.
a) write
б) wrote+
в) writed

27. Who _____ Spanish last summer?
a) learnd
б) learn
в) learnt+

28. Yesterday my best friend broke his leg. He _______ off the bike.
a) fall
б) fell+
в) falled

29. You know, Beethoven _____ a great composer.
a) was+
б) were
в) weren’t

30. Liz _____ Mike in Great Britain last month.
a) visited+
б) visit
в) was visited

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