Тест с ответами на тему: «Present Perfect»

1. Как давно ты живешь в Москве?
a) How long have you lived in Moscow?+
б) How long are you living in Moscow?
в) How long do you live in Moscow?

2. What a pity! Ted ___ his tennis racket.
a) has just broken+
б) have just broken
в) just have broken

3. Brian ___ his new project yet.
a) haven’t started
б) hasn’t started+
в) not started

4. We ___ to France recently.
a) has move
б) have moved+
в) have move

5. Определите верный вариант вопроса.
a) Have you ever dated with anybody much younger than you?+
б) Did you ever dated with anybody much younger than you?
в) Have you ever date with anybody much younger than you?

6. Он приехал 20 апреля. He _________ on 20 April.
а) arrived+
б) has arrived
в) had arrived

7. Tom and I ___ friends since childhood.
a) were been
б) has been
в) have been+

8. Look! The car ___ into the wall.
a) have just crashed
б) has just crashed+
в) has just crash

9. We can go for a walk, I __ already __ my homework.
a) have, finish
б) have, finished+
в) -, finished

10. Я еще не звонил Анне, я потерял вчера свой телефон.
a) I haven’t called Anna yet. I lost my phone yesterday.+
б) I haven’t called Anna yet, I have lost my phone yesterday.
в) I didn’t call Anna yet, I have lost my phone yesterday.

11. Определите верный вариант диалога.
a) Are you hungry? — No, thanks. I’ve just had lunch+
б) Are you hungry? — No, thanks, I just have had lunch
в) Are you hungry? — No, thanks, I has just had lunch.

12. Это лучший торт, который я когда-либо ел! This is the best cake I _________
а) ever ate
б) ever eaten
в) have ever eaten+

13. Мама звонила мне сегодня дважды. Mom _________ me twice today.
а) has called+
б) called
в) has call

14. He can’t find a job. He _________ unemployed for half a year.
a) have been
б) was
в) has been+

15. Nick and Sally _________ each other since their school years.
a) have known+
б) knowed
в) knew

16. Определите верный вариант вопроса.
a) Did you already read this book?
б) Have you already readed this book?
в) Have you already read this book?+

17. I __ never__ to Moscow
a) have, been+
б) was, —
в) was, been

18. Are you going anywhere this summer? Yes, we ___ a trip to Italy.
a) have book
б) has booked
в) have booked+

19. ___ yet?
a) Has the rain stopped+
б) Has the rain stop
в) Have the rain stopped

20. Do we need any tomatoes? No, I ___ some.
a) has already bought
б) already has bought
в) have already bought+

21. Я еще не посмотрел кино, которое ты мне рекомендовал.
a) I still haven’t watched the movie that you recommended.+
б) I still haven’t watch the movie that you recommended.
в) I still didn’t watched the movie that you recommended.

22. Мы только что приехали в Москву.
a) We just arrived in Moscow
б) We have just arrived in Moscow+
в) We was just arrived in Moscow

23. Jane _________ suddenly that there was a letter attached to the painting.
a) has found
б) had found
в) found+

24. I _________ that point yet.
a) haven’t considered+
б) didn’t consider
в) not considered

25. They _________ in construction business for 5 years.
a) were
б) have been+
в) are

26. ____ he ever __ you for help?
a) Has, asked+
б) Did, asked
в) Did, ask

27. The students ___ their essays.
a) has just completed
б) have just completed+
в) have just complete

28. Lisa and Frank ___ married for two years now.
a) has been
б) have were
в) have been+

29. I ___ part in marathons.
a) has never taken
б) have never taken+
в) haven’t never taken

30. Sean ___ his sister in the last few days.
a) haven’t seen
б) hasn’t saw
в) hasn’t seen+

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