Тест с ответами по теме: «Active voice (активный залог)»

1. Ann never panics about anything, _____ she?
a) does+
b) doesn’t
c) isn’t
d) is

2. The statistics _____ unsatisfying last year.
a) were
b) had been
c) was+
d) is

3. There ___ 30 pupils in our class last year.
a) were;+
b) was;
c) are;
d) is

4. I can ____ English very well.
a) spoke;
b) speaks;
c) speak;+
d) will speak

5. I ___ to my friend’s place yesterday.
a) goed;
b) went;+
c) goes;
d) will go

6. He will not____ his holidays in Russia.
a) spent;
b) spended;+
c) spends;
d) spend

7. My pen ____ on the table yesterday. My mother ____ it in the box.
a) was not, put;
b) are not, put;
c) were not, put;
d) was not, puts+

8. We __ how to use computers at IT-lessons.
a) learn+
b) will learn;
c) did learn;
d) learnt

9. My cousin ______ school by August.
a) will have left+
b) will leave
c) is leaving
d) left

10. By the end of the year, they _______ at this project for two years.
a) will work
b) are working
c) will have been working+
d) will have worked

11. We ____ already ____ the table when the guests arrived.
a) had, laid+
b) were, laying
c) -, laid
d) will, lay

12. What a nice hairstyle! Where ___________?
a) did you cut your hair
b) have you cut your head
c) you cuted
d) have you had your hair cut+

13. The bus _____ at 5.
a) is leaving
b) will leave
c) leaving
d) leaves+

14. I didn’t understand what they _______ about.
a) talked
b) talking
c) were talking+
d) are talking

15. The weather was fine. The sun _____ and the birds ___ .
a) shone, sang
b) shone, sung
c) was shining, were singing+
d) had been shining, had been singing

16. _____ you ever _____ to the Russia?
a) Have, been+
b) Did, be
c) Were, —
d) Are, being

17. She wanted to … us about her brother.
a) say;
b) tell;+
c) speak;
d) show

18. Alex ____ me at 9.30 last night.
a) called+
b) used to called
c) calls
d) calling

19. After George had returned to his house, he ____ the magazine.
a) read+
b) was read
c) has read
d) had read

20. When are you going to finish this test? I ____ it already.
a) finish
b) finished
c) has finished
d) have finished+

21. A lot of money __ since we established this fund. Hopefully, we will have raised the whole sum by the end of the year.
a) was donated
b) donated
c) have been donated
d) has been donated+

22. What __ to help you avoid the punishment?
a) can be done+
b) I can do
c) do you do
d) can been done

23. He __ when he told that he had never heard it before.
a) was laughed
b) was laughed at+
c) was being laughed at
d) laughed

24. My older brother __ to eat a lot of sweets.
a) is not allowed+
b) will not allowed
c) must not allowed
d) was not being allowed

25. What were you asked __ at the meeting?
a) to
b) —
c) with+
d) about

26. Ivan ________ to Washington last week to visit his parents.
a) went+
b) has gone
c) had gone
d) is going

27. The official report __ by the end of this week.
a) will be written
b) is being written
c) will have been written+
d) is written

28. The number of the Internet users __ every day.
a) is grown
b) grows+
c) are grown
d) grow

29. This test __ by a great number of students, so you can do it as well.
a) has passed
b) has been passed+
c) have passed
d) passes

30. Who __ your room cleaned by?
a) will
b) can
c) is+
d) has

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